What if I told you that hiring awesome freelancers can be fun and easy?

I used to struggle to find good support. One time, I hired a guy who told me he could develop an email marketing funnel for me. That sounded great. But after I spent $1,285, I had nothing. Honestly, I still don’t know what he did with all those hours.

After this painful (and expensive!) lesson, I set out to improve my hiring process so that I would always select the best person. As a result, I’ve built a dream team that I adore and who love working with me.

In the past year, I’ve had more and more people reach out wanting to learn about my process that I’ve put all the details into this two-hour online workshop.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Noon-2pm Central time. If you can’t attend live, you’ll also receive a video recording within a few days of the event.

Questions answered:

  • What do you include in a job description so that you attract the best candidates?

  • How do you select who to interview?

  • Which candidate do you hire so that you don’t waste your money?

What others say about this:

“Emily was very helpful. She gave high level suggestions as well as the detail I needed to feel fully equipped to engage in this process for my own needs. She shared why she decided to hire a virtual assistant and the skill sets needed and process she found most helpful to secure a successful candidate. As a trusted resource, her sample position description, screening and interview questions were incredibly helpful and saved me time.” Jennifer D., Philanthropy Consultant 

Bonuses! Because who doesn’t love bonuses?!

In addition to the workshop itself, you’ll also receive my vault of interview questions so that you can pick the ones that work for you. (Value: $195)

You will also have access to folder on my Google drive that has everything you need to find your ideal virtual assistant. ($595)

The fee to attend this online workshop is $145. I have no idea how long I will offer this workshop and no idea if it will stay the same next time or not. If you’ve been putting off hiring a virtual assistant because you’re afraid or making the wrong choice… If you’re tired of hiring people and then wondering what you’re actually paying for… this workshop is for you.