Recently, I came across this website: Authentic Happiness. It's pretty much one of the coolest websites ever.

Well, that is, if you're a bit of a research nerd or you love those quizzes that tell you whether you have found your soulmate or what color your aura is.

So the Authentic Happiness website is part of the University of Pennsylvania. And it was established to study things like optimism, gratitude and grit.

If you want to take their questionnaires, you just sign up for an account and take any of the quizzes.

To get the account, you basically just answer things like age, gender and occupation. (They use this information in their research.)

I registered about a month ago and the only email I received from them was my account information.

And one of the best parts about setting up an account is that they save your results so you can see how your scores change.

Here are my two favorite surveys:

1. Approaches to Happiness

When I first took the Approaches to Happiness survey, I thought I was moderately happy. And according to the results, I was. My score was 3.88 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Every survey tells you how your score compares to others.

For the most part, I was in the 90th percentile in most categories (age, gender, education level, etc.).

But when it comes to happiness, I couldn't help but notice how unhappy we are as a society.

Sure, I'm pretty happy. But if a 3 is in the middle and a score of 3.88 is higher than 90 percent of all the people who took the survey, what does that say about us as a society?

2. VIA (Values in Action) Survey of Character Strengths

One thing I have noticed lately is that it can be tough to identify our strengths.

We are used to improving our weaknesses. Or, developing a skill that we lack. 

However, we spend very little time thinking about what we are actually good at. 

The Values in Action survey makes it easy to figure out your strengths. You answer 200 items with things like "very much like me" or "unlike me." 

And then, the survey ranks you on 24 characteristics. 

Here are my results:

  • Strength #1: Zest, enthusiasm and energy
  • Strength #2: Hope, optimism and future-mindedness
  • Strength #3: Gratitude
  • Strength #4: Love of learning
  • Strength #5: Curiosity and interest in the world

My family and friends can attest to how accurate this is. 

It's also interesting to see what's low on the list as well.

For example, I wasn't surprised that I ranked low in fairness and equality. I mean, I tend to think that the rules depend upon the situation.

To me, this isn't a weakness. I don't feel I need to change this about myself. Honestly, I'm not sure I really can... because it's just a part of me.

All right, friends. Now it's your turn...

How happy are you? What are your strengths?

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