You feel like crap.

Maybe you're overwhelmed and feeling slightly guilty about the paint that's peeling off the trim of your house. And you haven't done anything about it for a couple years. 

And just maybe your doorbell button has been broken for about a while. I mean it works, it's just the actual button is cracked.

Or perhaps your basement is messy and filled with weird stuff like an empty deodorant container that you found in a box you know hasn't been opened in five years. In. Five. Years.

And thinking about all of this is definitely making you feel worse.

So what do you do about it? How do you stop slogging through the most miserable parts of your life?

Of course you can keep doing what your doing, which probably looks like moping around.

Or you can start developing practices that help you feel better.

Here's the list of what works for me when I'm feeling particularly crappy—or crabby.

Pick two or three and start feeling better in about 30 minutes.

Drink water or tea. 

I don't know why this works so well. Lemon and raspberries, or cucumber and mint, in a glass of cold water makes it special and delicious.

Hot tea also does the trick, especially on a cold day. It also helps with grounding because it’s so earthy.

Eat something. 

I'm not talking about a pint of Ben and Jerry's oatmeal cookie ice cream (which is no longer available by the way). I can tell you from experience that this can make it worse.

Seriously though, you may be hungry. I can't tell you how many times I've been working, working, working ... and BAM, I'm crabby and frustrated.

If it's been three or four hours since I've had a meal or a snack, I eat something.

Some of my favorites: 

  • An apple or banana with almond butter. 
  • Popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt.
  • Two slices of ham and a cheese stick.

Be still and breathe. 

Sometimes, I just sit in a comfortable chair and try to control my breathing so in and out are the same like this:

Breathing in, slowly count 1, 2, 3, 4. Breathing out, slowly count 1, 2, 3, 4.

Another way is to think of words, thoughts, feelings when you breathe in and out. You could try:

Breathing in, think about having more peace, fulfillment, ease, etc.

Breathing out, think about letting go of frustration, anger, disease, etc.

Go for a walk. 

If sitting around your house or office isn't working, it may be time to just move, damn it.

Usually, I take my Labrador retriever with me because she's so happy walking.

Her energetic spirit is contagious. It's hard to be mad or frustrated about anything when she's trotting along just thrilled to be alive and walking outside.

Read something inspiring. 

Words have a lot of power. And sometimes, just reading something wonderful can turn around your day. Typically, you can find about five or six books on my desk.

A few that I loved recently and recommend to all my friends are:

  • Essentialism by Dan McKeown
  • Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar
  • You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero

Your turn...

Maybe these work for you and maybe they don't. But the only way to find out is to try something.

What strategies have you tried? Which ones do you recommend?

Let us know in the comments.