By: Gabi Garrett

You know what they say, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you’re with."

This is a reminder to be present, even if you feel as if there's something better on the horizon. Your life is happening NOW, and these five methods will help you enjoy it a little more.

Choosing to be present and optimistic in your current role, no matter the circumstances, may:

  • Lead you to find passion in your current occupation.

  • Allow you to see a new department, or career path, within your company that could be better suited for you.

  • Help you remain cheerful in your job search, so you don't search with depressive urgency, leading you to settle for just any ol’ job... which could lead you back to square one!

Here are five tried-and-true methods I used to feel happier in a less-than-ideal role during my process of finding an occupation that brings me joy:

1. Dress Up, Show Up

If you've ever heard the saying, "No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up," I'm here to tell you: It's true. A nice wardrobe, some lipstick or a new tie can make a world of difference.

Another saying that reigns true here: "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have." If you secretly wish to be a Creative Director, have fun with your appearance. When you look good, you often feel much better.

2. Make a Friend or Two

If you totally hate your work, you may be tempted to text your friends, "URGGGG! 7 more hours!!" all day long.

Instead, go to the cubicle next to you and make genuine conversation. Life gets much better when you have your new work friend, Sally, to chat with on Monday. In fact, employee engagement research shows that the number one thing that helps employees with job satisfaction is… Having a best friend at work. So, let the competition for your new BFF begin! If you don't know where to start, try bringing an extra coffee to your office neighbor.

3. Find a Mentor

Look through the company directory for someone who matches your career aspirations. Get to know them and how they got there by asking if they'd be interested in mentoring you on a skillset you admire. This is a great way to develop relationships and learn something new, even if you do choose to leave the company.

4. Shadow a Different Department

Ask if you can spend a day, or even an hour or two, in a department that you feel aligns more with your resume or future aspirations. One way I found to do this is to attend another department's training as a cross-departmental representative, who brought the knowledge back to my department.

5. Find Your Company’s "WHY"

If you understand why your company does what it does, emails seem much less mundane, calls seem more relative and the spring may return to your step. Take the time to ask your new mentor or your boss about how your particular role helps the the company create a meaningful impact. You may be surprised how your attitude adjusts.

To your new change!


In the past two years, Gabi has lost more than 50 pounds and accomplished her long-time dream of becoming a freelance writer. Gabi helps other women make time for what truly matters to them, so they can chase their own unique dreams. She works one-on-one with clients through courses aimed to help you feel your absolute best and fearlessly hop into the life you were meant to live. Get Gabi’s Declutter Diet, a seven-day approach to home and life at Find Gabi at, or contact her at