Want to know the best book I read in the past year?

Hands down, it was:

How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up by Emilie Wapnick

I've recommended it to almost every client I've worked with since I read it.

Here's my number one takeaway:

"You don't have to choose one thing. That's the big secret no one tells you."

What I love about this book is that Emilie provides four models of work that are very helpful if you have many interests and aren't sure how to translate that into an effective job search.

Here are the four models of work:

1. The group hug: Smoosh many interests into one job

2. The slash: Have multiple part-time jobs

3. The Einstein: Keep a job that's good enough and pursue other interests on the side

4. The phoenix: Work in one industry for a while and then start over in a different industry

I'm a phoenix... the mythical bird that burns out and then recreates itself.

Because I love to learn, I tend to take jobs where I don’t have much education or experience in the industry. And once I get what I need, I move on and repeat the process in a different industry.

Understanding this about myself has helped me stop feeling bad about the fact that my career looks so different from a traditional trajectory. I’ve taught preschool, worked in event planning and marketing, and now support others as a career coach.  

Instead of fighting my path and trying to cram myself into a traditional career, Emilie’s model has helped me make sense of why my career looks so different and realize that’s a good thing.

Now, instead of fighting my path, I’ve started working with it.

These frameworks have also helped shape my mentoring style. I have a better understanding of the different styles of careers that are available. My job is to help my clients determine which career framework is right for them and I love going through that process with them.  

I highly recommend you explore this book if you’re trying to make sense of your own career path.

I have no doubt that Emilie’s frameworks will help you discover clarity and inspiration!