What would you tell yourself if you were just starting out in your career? I bet it would be something along the lines of, “You don’t have to have it all figured out.”

Determining values takes time, and everyone has to start their careers somewhere. So, a first job, even a second or third job, isn’t always going to be the job for everyone. In fact, that first gig or two will probably be somewhat disappointing or misaligned with who you are.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it. An unfitting job will set you up for what you do want. It will provide insight that contributes to honing in on the focus of your next, more meaningful job.

Maybe you took the job because it was the only offer on the table, or you weren’t sure what you really wanted to do. Perhaps, you thought you would love it, and something fell short… Believe it or not, the discomfort is actually developing clarity that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

A client I met with recently is going through this. This video shares some of her story, and maybe you can relate. I went through this, too, and I understand... A crappy job is a crappy job, and sometimes we feel obligated to “stick it out.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands messy in the work of finding what you’re really good at doing. Your natural strengths and talents--these will be heightened and sharpened when you discover your meaningful work style.

My Meaningful Work Blueprint will help you do that. It will teach you to find your values and tap into your individual gifts to determine and earn the job that is right for you. The 5-lesson program walks you through the mentality shifts and action plan to changing your career.

Email correspondence with me for support and guidance is included, too. And, for a short while longer, you can get the Meaningful Work Blueprint for $55. At the end of November, the cost changes to $95.

To change your career and change your life, sign up today. And, if you have any questions or feedback about the Blueprint, leave them below for the rest of us to learn more about it.