During my 15 years of navigating career change, I’ve made many mistakes that slowed me down and made it harder for me to make career progress.

As a career development strategist, I see the same mistakes trapping other people in their search for better work and that’s why I love my job so much: I get to help them not fall for the pitfalls that I did.

Here’s a roundup of the seven most common mistakes that could slow you down in your search for more meaningful work.

1. Not applying

Most people don’t apply for jobs because they don’t think they perfectly match the requirements. But the truth is you’re probably more qualified than you think. 

In this blog, I explain why most job posts are inflated with a bunch of requirements that usually aren’t crucial to success at the job.

2. Overemphasizing education

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people assume that in order to have a better career, they must go back to school. This is just not true.

In this post, I explain why experience matters more than another degree.

3. Lacking clarity

At one point in my career, I tried to get a new job without knowing what I wanted and why I wanted it. It might come as a surprise but it didn't work. You can't skip these crucial steps. 

I wrote this blog to help you find clarity about what you want before your search so you can get results.  

4. Looking for jobs online

You probably did a double take when you read this one, right?

But believe me: spending time online is the NUMBER ONE way to waste a ton of time when it comes to finding better work.

In this post, I explain why you’re way better off closing your browser, reaching out to friends, and setting up informational interviews instead.

5. Hiding your job search

When I was ready to get out of event planning, I thought I had to hide my search for a new opportunity.

I went to work and put on my happy face, when inside I was DESPERATE for something new.

In this blog, I explain why you should take a totally different path and share your search.

6. Not being prepared

Want to know one of the worst feelings in the world?

Finding a great job posting, only to realize you need three days to get your résumé updated. Or getting an interview and not knowing how to answer the questions.

In this one, I share how taking time to prepare at the start of your search sets you up for success.

7. Caring too much about what other people think

When I got my job in marketing, some people thought I was crazy because I was giving up a position in management to start over in a new industry.

I was pumped about my new job but it was really hard to tune out other people’s opinions.

Read this blog to learn how to prevent other people’s opinions from having too big an influence on your search.