Recently, I saw a post in a private Facebook group from a woman looking for a virtual assistant—or VA—who specialized in Dubsado and Quickbooks (bookkeeping softwares). And my question to her was:  What other tasks do you want the VA to do? Do you need a virtual assistant or a bookkeeper?

I get it. Virtual assistants are a talented bunch. In general, they are organized, detail-oriented, and timely. They tend to be good at the things that so many entrepreneurs struggle with… scheduling social media content, finding images and staying on top of client follow-up.

But, just like you and me, there are things that they aren’t good at.

Here’s the truth: A virtual assistant can’t do everything.

I used to want to hire one contractor who could help me with everything. I thought that it was easier to manage one person. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle multiple people. I mean, I was barely holding my business together by myself, how could I possible manage a team?

And you know what I ended up with? So-so graphic design. Decent copy editing. And ineffective marketing advice.

All because these assistants weren’t operating in their individual zones of genius.

Gay Hendricks describes the personal zone of genius as the moments of work when we feel as though we are doing precisely what we were created to do. Freelancers each have their zones of genius, where their work feels more like a calling than a chore. More like they are providing a gift to others than clocking hours.

When independent contractors are working in their personal zones of genius, they will achieve high results quicker and more efficiently.

When the work they do aligns with work that inspires them and lights them up, productivity comes more naturally.

To the woman I saw on Facebook, I recommended that she look at hiring a bookkeeper for a few hours a month or week to take care of her bookkeeping needs.

In the long-run, finding someone who’s zone of genius is bookkeeping is worth it.

They are going to be better than a virtual assistant who’s good at many things but wouldn’t be operating in his or her zone of genius.