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Build Your Sterling Team


Build Your Sterling Team


Let’s be honest. Hiring is hard. Like really hard.

It’s incredibly vulnerable and deeply personal. After all, this is your blog, your business.

And if you mess up, you’re the one paying the price… 

  • Wasting money on freelancers who aren’t the best fit.

  • Losing time and energy on people who don’t work out for long.

  • Missing out on opportunities because you don’t have the right team in place to support those efforts.

  • Feeling alone and completely overwhelmed by the hiring process. 

But, what if hiring could be easier?

Over the past 15 years, I have developed and refined my hiring process through corporate and personal business experience.

My goal is simple: to help bloggers do work they love by developing high-performing teams.

And I’m 100% dedicated to helping you find the people who will be the right fit for your business.

That’s why I’ve created Build Your Sterling Team—a quarterly membership for bloggers who want to develop talented, high-performing teams.

And I know that if you’re here, you’re ready for a better team, one that you can be proud you built.

If you’re ready to take your team—and your business—to the next level, click JOIN NOW by Friday, Oct. 4.

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What do you get?

What do you get?

30-minute call

One 30-minute 1:1 strategy session with Emily to…

  • Break down your current hiring roadblocks

  • Discuss your Zone of Genius and determine where you need support the most.

  • Start building steps to get stellar support in place.

    ($500 value)


Access to all of the templates that Emily uses, including…

  • Sample job postings for common roles.

  • Work sample ideas.

  • Emails for sending work samples, interviewing and declining candidates.

    ($500 value)

monthly group meetings

Monthly group meetings where we’ll we’ll meet to...

  • Share hiring wins, takeaways and setbacks.

  • Receive tangible feedback, coaching and guidance from Emily.

  • Reflect, set intentions and make plans on a regular basis.

    ($500 value)

Support via a Facebook group

Support from Emily through a Facebook group by…

  • Asking all your questions and receiving support from Emily for building your highly talented team.

  • Making progress through weekly check-ins.

  • Connecting with and learning from like-minded bloggers and business owners.

    ($500 value)

exclusive access to five-part hiring workshop

Exclusive access to The Secret Recipe to Hiring a Caring, High-Performing Team workshop, which…

  • Contains the five-step process that Emily has developed and uses to consistently find and hire the most talented, high-quality freelancers.

  • Is available for you to watch anytime or go back to get a refresher on any of the steps. 

    ($350 value)

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Founding membership

Founding membership


Right now, when you sign up as a founding member, you get some special perks that won’t be offered again.

But, you only have until Oct. 4th to grab them.

First, your fee is $245 per quarter or $95 per month for three months.

While my done-for-you recruiting and hiring packages start at $3,500, this membership has $2,000+ in support and resources every quarter.

And I want to be totally honest with you: The next time I open enrollment for this membership program in December, the price will increase to $345 per quarter (or $135 per month).

Second, you get an extra one-on-one call with Emily to use by the end of January 2020.

So you feel supported in your hiring and business growth goals as we kick off the new year.

Truthfully, the membership will never be this price again.

This is your chance to get direct access to Emily’s hiring strategies, her personalized guidance and feedback, and all of the resources she uses to make perfect hires over and over again.

But act fast because founding membership is only available until Friday, Oct. 4.

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What others say…

What others say…

Alli Kelley Longbourn Farm

“Using Emily’s hiring strategy was really helpful because it streamlined the process, from determining who to hire, to writing a compelling job posting, to finally onboarding a knockout addition to my team. After using her process and hiring an incredible writer, I’m really excited because I have a lot more time to create content and do the stuff I enjoy, like editing, taking photos and developing recipes. Because it worked and I hired someone and I love her, I truly believe her process is perfect.” —Alli Kelley, Longbourn Farm

Melissa Griffiths.jpg

“I never could have gotten here by myself. Before Emily, I didn’t know what I was looking for in a contractor, or how to find them. I was jumping between freelancers based on my friends’ recommendations. I’ve learned a lot about hiring from Emily, and I’m using the principles of her strategic hiring process throughout my business because I realize the importance of delegation and outsourcing.—Melissa Griffiths, Bless This Mess

Cara Gubbins.png

"Before I worked with Emily, I had been putting off dealing with my team for almost a year. But now, I’m not worried about making the wrong decision because Emily gave me a system for finding and hiring amazing independent contractors. I can’t believe how comfortable and confident I am about moving forward with my new team in place. I’m confident about the future and looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities that are coming my way. My business is fun again!" —Cara Gubbins


About Emily

About Emily


Emily Perron helps bloggers expand and improve their teams with people who care about you and your business.

She has developed a strategic hiring process that’s allowed her to find dozens of knock-out contractors on behalf of her clients, as well as within her own business, and is passionate about aligning the right person with the right role.

Emily has a Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and English.

Her professional background includes working in marketing, coaching and organizational consulting. In other words, she really understands people.

And her zone of genius is connecting on a fundamental level to understand their values and empower them to reach for interesting and ambitious opportunities.

When she’s not working, you can find Emily traveling or enjoying the outdoors of the Upper Midwest—yes, even in the winter—hiking, snowshoeing, paddleboarding and swimming with her husband and their energetic Labrador retriever.


Reminder: Founding membership is only available through Friday, Oct. 4.

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Got questions?

Got questions?


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

To get answers you can...

Send me a DM or audio note through Facebook messenger here.


Set up a time to jump on a 15-minute phone call below: