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Five Ingredients Every Food Blogger Needs



Five Ingredients Every Food Blogger Needs

As a blogger, it’s in your nature to do a lot. You like to roll up your sleeves, figure things out, and get stuff done.

Just look at what you’ve built... You started out with a passion to share what you love with the world. You learned how to create beautiful and engaging content that has helped other people. And then your blog grew more popular and it evolved from being a fun hobby into a respectable business!

Which is awesome… except that you’d really like to get back to doing the fun work—because right now you’re trying to do all of the things instead of the work that really lights you up.

You may not have expected to reach this level of success but now that you’re here, you like the sense of joy and independence deep in your gut because hey, you’re really living your dreams.

But there comes a time when doing everything on your own becomes too much.

A time when your blog has grown and there’s just not enough time to stay on top of every task anymore.

A time where you can’t possibly do what you used to do because everything is happening on a bigger scale.

Coming up with interesting ideas, taking awesome photos, writing content, strategizing for social media, planning collaborations, replying to emails and social media DMs, tracking spending and income, pursuing sponsored content opportunities, coding and making site updates… it’s all grown beyond what you can realistically manage on your own.

And when you get to this point, doing it all feels less fun—and more like a chore. Being responsible for every aspect of your business is holding you back from bigger, greater things. You’re missing out on great opportunities because you just don’t have the time to pursue them.

So, what can you do?

If you’re like most bloggers, you know you should be building a team and outsourcing the tasks you don’t like or don’t have the time for.

Maybe you’ve tried to build a team but struggled to find reliable support. Recommendations from friends haven’t panned out. Hiring friends and family members hasn’t worked all that well. And now you’re worried about wasting more money on someone who doesn’t fully vibe with you or your brand. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

It’s not like there’s a college degree in blogging! You’ve had to learn things as you go. And that resourcefulness, passion and ability to learn new things that got you to this point is exactly what will help you navigate your next level of growth as you learn to build a super star support team.

Here’s some good news.

I’ve developed a strategy for attracting and hiring knockout freelancers to support, expand, and improve your business.

And once you have a talented, passionate team in place to handle those tasks that are draining or always find their way to the bottom of your to-do list, you’ll be empowered, and freed up, to spend your time doing the work that matters most...

If you’re ready to work less in your business and more on it

You can’t miss this inside information that can help you transform your hiring process—and the results you get from your team members.

And for you to grow to the next level, you’ve got to learn how to build an effective, trustworthy team to support you and your business—which I’ll cover in this FREE webinar replay. But act fast because the replay is only available until Sept. 2! Enter your name and email below and click SIGN UP.

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What Others say…

What Others say…

Alli Kelley Longbourn Farm

“The webinar was really helpful because I learned what job titles existed and what I could look for. Before, hiring just felt daunting. I didn’t want to waste money or hire the wrong person. But Emily gave examples for positions to fill and skill sets to seek out. I learned every task didn’t need its own position, that the right person could tackle tasks A through F really, really well. After using the process and hiring an incredible writer who gets SEO and my brand, I’m really excited because I have a lot more time to create content and do the stuff I like, like editing, taking photos and developing recipes. The thing that was most helpful was having a process—a very clear process that worked. Because it worked, I hired someone and I love her, I truly believe this process is perfect.”
Alli Kelley, Longbourn Farm

“I never could have gotten here by myself. Before Emily, I didn’t know what I was looking for in a contractor, or how to find them. I was jumping between freelancers based on my friends’ recommendations. I’ve learned a lot about hiring from Emily, and I’m starting to use the principles of her strategic hiring process in my personal life by realizing the importance of delegation and outsourcing.”
—Melissa Griffiths,
Bless This Mess

Melissa Griffiths.jpg

"I know I'm at the point I need to put a few good people in place soon, but I had no idea where to start. This webinar was super helpful, informative, thought provoking and full of information. It's given me so much to think about and plan for as I start to look for people. The process mapping idea was mind blowing for me. I have specific ways I want things done but have never mapped this out. No wonder most people I have hired don't work out. The step-by-step download of what to have answered when looking for people I know will be easy to answer once I do the mapping myself of several of the jobs. Overall, it was easy to follow and I loved that she talked at a pace that was easy to understand. I appreciated the examples she shared and that the webinar was super complete."

—Michele Hall, West Via Midwest

Cara Gubbins.png

"Before I worked with Emily, I had been putting off dealing with my team for almost a year. But now, I’m not worried about making the wrong decision because Emily gave me a system for finding and hiring amazing independent contractors. I can’t believe how comfortable and confident I am about moving forward with my new team in place. To know that my team has my back and wants me to succeed makes me incredibly happy. I’m confident about the future and looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities that are coming my way. My business is fun again!"
—Cara Gubbins

To register for the FREE Secret Formula Webinar replay enter your name and email address and click Sign Up below. But the replay is only available until Sept. 2. If you’ve been thinking about improving your team so you can do more of the work you love… now is the time to act.


About Emily

About Emily

Emily Perron

Emily Perron helps bloggers expand and improve their teams with people who care about them and their businesses. She has developed a strategic hiring process that’s allowed her to find dozens of knock-out contractors on behalf of her clients, as well as within her own business, and is passionate about aligning the right person with the right role.

Emily has a Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and English. Her professional background includes working in marketing, coaching and organizational consulting. In other words, she really understands people. And her zone of genius is connecting on a fundamental level to understand their values and empower them to reach for interesting and ambitious opportunities.

When she’s not working, you can find Emily traveling or enjoying the outdoors of the Upper Midwest—yes, even in the winter—hiking, snowshoeing, paddleboarding and swimming with her husband and their energetic Labrador retriever.

Enter your name and email address and click Sign Up below to access FREE Secret Formula Webinar replay. Remember the replay is only available until Sept. 2nd.


Are you wondering, if this webinar will really be worth your time?

Are you wondering, if this webinar will really be worth your time?

You probably are! Your time is valuable.

Well, consider this…

  • Are you missing out on opportunities because you don’t have effective support in place?

  • Do you have a few or many team members in place but aren’t all that thrilled with their performance, or worse, you’re still doing the work you’ve hired them to take care of?

  • Have you hired in the past but no one has worked out for long?

  • Are you spending way too much time doing all the little things?

  • Do you want to spend more time working in your zone of genius?

  • Have you wasted thousands of dollars on freelancers in the past and aren’t sure what to do differently?

If you can relate to any of these, and you know you can’t grow your blog to the next level because you’re limited by what you and your current team can accomplish, then it’s time to try something different. Something that makes your life, and your growth, easier, while making blogging fun again.

And for you to grow to the next level, you’ve got to learn how to build an effective, trustworthy team to support you and your business—which I’ve covered in this webinar replay.

You’ll discover my proven, 5-ingredient secret formula that I’ve used to hire more than a dozen contractors in my own business and on behalf of my clients.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed and refined this hiring process through corporate and personal experience. My goal has always been to help people do work that they love—and I’m 100% dedicated to helping you find the people who will be the right fit for your business.

Through my strategic hiring processes, insight into matching up personalities and skill-sets, and guidance toward recognizing your zone of genius, I’ll show you how to create a team of rockstar contractors to support your business and drastically grow your audience.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with:

  • An increase in confidence in your next hire.

  • A decrease in overwhelm around selecting the right candidate.

  • The straight pathway toward success with simple processes.

Want the FREE Secret Formula Webinar replay? Enter your name and email address and click Sign Up here: