Are you struggling to get job interviews?

No matter how many resumes you send out or how many jobs you apply to… no one’s calling you back?

Maybe you’re changing careers. Maybe you want to work for your dream company. Maybe you want a job that you’re excited to wake up for every day.

You’re smart. You work hard. And you’ve got some success under your belt. So why don’t employers see that??

Well… I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re probably making a few BIG MISTAKES on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

The good new is that it’s not your fault. Traditional career advice is outdated, ineffective, and just plain wrong for today’s job market. You’ve kind of been set up for failure.

And instead of showing employers how you are their dream come true… your most powerful self-marketing tools are just long, boring laundry lists of jobs and tasks that sound like every other job searcher on the market.

You need help.

You need someone to help you stand out.

You need someone to help you position yourself as the best candidate.

You need someone to help you tell a seamless story to make you irresistible

That’s where my super powers come into play. I’m a wizard when it comes to packaging job application materials and positioning my clients for success in their careers.

And please don’t take my word for it. Just check out what past clients have to say:

David S.

“I reached out to Emily for help with my resume and cover letter because I wanted a position with more responsibility and career opportunities. Even though I applied for several other jobs at my organization the past seven years, I was still pretty much where I had started -- in an entry-level position.

As a result of working with Emily, I had a better understanding of how to market myself as a valuable employee, figured out how to present my strengths and accomplishments, rebuilt my resume and got the job. She provided a different perspective and responded directly to my questions and concerns, and I was very comfortable working with her.

I would recommend Emily if you’re feeling stuck in your current line of work and you need to do something to better market yourself as an employee or to explore other options.”

Nicholle G.

“Working with Emily was an incredible experience. I sought her guidance because I was preparing to go back to work after freelancing for awhile and I didn't know where to start. Also, I wanted to change careers and needed to know if and how I could make it happen.

Emily coached me through fears and blocks I didn't even realize were holding me back. (I don't have a college degree or formal training in the field I want to enter.) She saw things that never occurred to me - ways that I was an excellent for for the work I wanted to do, degree or not.

Emily helped me translate those skills into a highly polished and powerful resume. She helped me tackle my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing the work I really wanted to do. And she helped me gain a new confidence and belief in myself.

She's patient, thoughtful, and honest. I especially appreciate that Emily was honest enough to tell me when my resume wasn't as strong as it could be and advised me on ways to interview better. (I'm a rambler and she reminded me to bring talking points to stay on topic.)

Emily helped me sort through my strengths and weaknesses to set a clear path to a career I love. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who's ready to find meaning and joy in their work.”

I’m a career development strategist with a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English. My past professional background includes experience in editing, marketing and coaching. I’ve been reviewing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles professionally for almost 10 years.

I have experience in all aspects of the hiring process, including as a manager, as a consultant on high profile hires and as an applicant, which means I understand what employers are looking for when selecting people to interview.

Here’s what happens when we work together:

I use the following five-step process with all of my clients in order to create the best result for your resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: I provide a free 15-minute consultation where we get to know each other and we ensure that we’re a good fit for working together.

Step 2: You send me your current materials and a job description that you’re interested in, and I perform an initial review.

Step 3: We meet for 45 to 60 minutes where we discuss what you want, why you want it and other aspects related to your experience and education.  

Step 4: I use my super powers to develop a killer resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile just for you.

Step 5: You review the materials, give feedback in writing or in a meeting with me and then I finalized them. You will receive digital copies in Word and PDF documents.

If you’re interested in working together, apply for a free 15-minute consultation below.

I’d love to learn about your career goals, your work history, and how we can bridge the gap to get you from feeling stuck to celebrating your sweet new job.

I can’t wait to meet you!