Right now, the best way to work with me is through my signature program, The Meaningful Work(shop).

If your work is starting to feel meaningless and is becoming harder to show up for with each passing day, you're in the right place.

Because, I used to feel exactly the same way... until I decided to do something about it. And after two years and a whole lot of trial and error I figured out how to find work that felt fulfilling for me.

I discovered which steps are the most effective to change careers in a relatively short amount of time without going back to a traditional school. 


Want a new job but you have no idea what you want to do.

Are worried that it may be too late for you to make a change because you're already established in a career.

Sense that there is something else out there but aren't sure what it is.

My signature programThe Meaningful Work(shop)was created with you in mind. 

I’ve created this work(shop) so that you can take the straightest path to your end goal. 

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

{ T. S. Eliot }

The Meaningful Work(shop) is an intentionally designed starting point.

A roadmap for figuring out what you want in your work—and your life.


Discover how to bridge the gap between where you stand today and where you want to go.