You have a big heart—and an even bigger desire to serve.

You value making an impact more than most. When you look back on your career, you love seeing how your work has made a difference for others.

You don’t mind working hard to serve a higher purpose. You’re willing to do what it takes, even if sometimes that means justifying work that isn’t challenging or interesting to you.

Yet, Givers inevitably start to feel restless, and sometimes even guilty, that the cause or mission that they used to feel so inspired by and connected to is no longer enough to satisfy them at work.

But Givers are loyal, dedicated, and committed almost to a fault so sometimes it’s hard for you to recognize the signs that you need a change. You don’t want to settle for a job that isn’t making an impact… and you’re more familiar with working for the greater good than working on taking care of yourself.

I get it.

I give even when I receive nothing in return. I give even when no one else cares what I’m contributing to the mission. I will give even when I have nothing left.

I’ve burned out in the past because the work I was doing in service to an important cause was not aligned with my strengths, values and interests. I thought the mission of my job would motivate me to keep going.

The truth is, no matter how much we love a mission, if we’re not interested in the work we do on a daily basis, we can become resentful, frustrated and unhappy.

The work you do every day matters just as much as the mission.

We want to make a change, but we’re not sure if we can settle for a job that isn’t making an impact. After all, the work you’re doing is important and needed. If not you, who will do it?

As a career development strategist, I help people like you focus on themselves by exploring who they are and what they want in order to find a career that’s meant for them.

And understanding your unique Career Path to Meaningful Work is the key to discovering work that makes a difference, without wearing you out.

Giver core career strengths:

  • Delivers on promises and commitments

  • Willing to do what it takes to make a difference.

  • Most likely Career Path to Meaningful Work to prioritize feeling connected to a cause, mission or their purpose at work.

How Givers are perceived at work:

  • Kind-hearted

  • Mission-driven

  • Capable

  • Supportive

  • Caring

Unfulfilled Givers:

  • Appear to have satisfying and meaningful careers (supporting something they believe in) but on the inside, they’re not really enjoying work anymore. Sure, they show up every day, but feelings of boredom and restlessness start to replace feelings of purpose and conviction.

  • Feel obligated to do the work no one else can or will do in order to get things done and feels restless, exhausted, and guilty as a result.

  • Lose connection with the mission that once drove them, and begin to feel frustrated and dissatisfied at work, without understanding why.  

Challenges that stop Givers from enjoying meaningful work:

  • Expecting a company’s mission to motivate them to keep going even if the actual work is uninteresting or a bad match to their strengths.  

  • Neglecting to align daily tasks and responsibilities with core strengths and interests.

  • Focusing on impact and advocating for others without making room to recharge with self-care.

How Givers can overcome these challenges:

  • Rediscover your core values and interests (they might not be what you think!).

  • Identify positions that allow you to do interesting work that aligns with your strengths and skills while contributing to a cause you care about.

  • Find ways to experience the things that are important to you outside of your work.

Are you ready to channel your incredible dedication and purpose-driven focus into a job that allows you to make a difference and feel excited about your actual daily work?

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Here’s something most people won’t tell you.

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