You’re good at what you do.

You thrive on getting things done. Reflecting on your career, your drive and dedication have helped you achieve your goals.  

You don’t necessarily look to work for a significant source of meaning. You’re happy as long as you’re challenged, as long as you feel useful, as long you feel like you have a significant amount of responsibility.

You’re a force to be reckoned with and you’ve got the accomplishments to prove it.

Yet, Achievers inevitably start to want something more than accolades and success. You don’t just want to be good at what you do. You want to feel good about what you do.

Sometimes you dream about trying something new, something beyond paychecks and promotions.

But you’re afraid. Because you’re not quite sure what that would look like… and you’re more familiar with following rules and taking traditional paths.  

I get it. 

I followed the rules. I did what I was “supposed” to do at work and in my career.

I got a job at a Fortune 500 company where I scored a big promotion and found myself with everything I had dreamed of: a calendar full of important meetings, an inbox bursting to the seams, designer clothes… even a new house.    

It looked like I’d made it, and yet I was unhappy, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

You know why? I had a great job, but I couldn’t bring my full self to that job.

I hadn’t taken the time to figure out my values. I didn’t know what mattered to me.

I was really good at showing up at work and doing my job, but I left the part of me that wanted meaning at home. I didn’t know how to unite the two.

As a career development strategist, I help people like you channel all of that incredible energy and drive into a job that allows you to achieve the practical and the purposeful. 

And so you can trust me when I say that understanding your unique Career Path to Meaningful Work is your the to discovering work you love, without sacrificing your drive and ambition.


Understanding your unique Career Path to Meaningful Work is your key to discovering work you love, without sacrificing your drive and ambition.

Achiever core career strengths:

  • Follows the rules

  • Delivers on promises and commitments

  • Driven by measurable goals

  • Most likely Meaningful Work Style to get promoted, work for a Fortune-500 company, and be a high-earner

How Achievers are perceived at work:

  • Dependable

  • Productive

  • Motivated

  • Accomplished

  • Capable

Unfulfilled Achievers:

  • Appear to have awesome lives (job, home, vacations, promotions) but on the inside, they’re not really enjoying work anymore. Sure, there’s always another promotion or project they can accomplish but it’s starting to feel less fun and more like a rat race.

  • Feel obligated to conform to others’ expectations in order to get results at work and feels uncomfortable, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled as a result.

  • Can’t express their true personalities at work which is great for hitting goals, but it’s starting to feel exhausting, frustrating, and depressing.  

Challenges that stop Achievers from enjoying meaningful work:

  • Prioritizing accomplishments over personal needs.

  • Neglecting their personal passions by not bringing their full selves to work.

  • Objective-driven focus that neglects exploring personal values.

How Achievers can overcome these challenges:

  • Identify your core values (they might not be what you think!).

  • Align your ambition with work that fits these core values.

  • Make time to figure out what’s important to you and ask yourself if your work allows you to live that out.

To get you started, I created a worksheet with a few reflection questions for you to consider some ways that you can find balance at work between the practical and the purposeful.