After I shared about my experience leaving corporate America so that I could do work that aligned with who I am and the values I cherish most, I started reflecting on what I’ve learned about myself as I’ve grown the past few years.

This led me to pulling out the results of all the assessments, tests and quizzes I’ve taken in the past few years… personality profiles, strengths and on and on.

I actually found so much value in going through my various results at one time, and it’s interesting to see the overlap that so many of these assessments pointed out in my personality, values and nature.

This discovery made me feel compelled to share a few of the lesser known and super powerful quizzes and assessments that I’ve come across. Most of us have heard of StrengthsFinder and the Myers-Briggs, which are highly insightful, yet the following less popular assessments have also shined a light on areas in my life that I could lean on, improve, sharpen and pursue.

Take one—or all—and leave a comment with one insight you discovered about yourself.

How to Fascinate Assessment by Sally Hogshead

The How to Fascinate Assessment taps into your core beliefs to provide insight on what makes you feel confident, how you can better influence others, ways to increase your values and steps to live more genuinely. It determines which of 42 archetypes you fall under and gives you tools to best understand yourself and communicate with others.

According to my results, my primary advantage is innovation and my secondary advantage is passion, which means… I’m a ROCKSTAR. (Well, at least that’s the name of my archetype for this assessment, anyway).

But here’s what really shocked me about this assessment. The results said, “You might toe the corporate line for a while, but that’s not your distinct value.”

What?! This is exactly what happened with me.

Want to know what was also interesting about these results? My lowest ranked advantage was Alert, which means I’m not good at setting up systems, preventing mistakes and being disciplined. Yep. Yep. And yep.

I am not good at those things. That’s why I have an amazing virtual assistant who does a lot of that work for me. She’s so good at setting up systems in my business that I can follow, and she’s super thoughtful about making sure they are mistake-proof.

To find out the strengths and setbacks of your archetype, take the assessment.

The Primary Archetype Test by Cerries Mooney

Not just another archetype assessment, The Primary Archetype Test helps you get crystal clear on who you are so you can build a lasting brand that resonates with you and those you serve. What’s so powerful about the results is that they can be applied to any kind of branding, whether personal or business.

My primary archetype is the Creator, and I totally agree with everything in the results summary I received.

I’ve created countless hand-knit garments in the past 15 years for my friends and family. I’ve created hundreds of meals for my gracious husband, whose way of telling me that my most extreme dinner experiments aren’t good is by sweetly saying, “Not my favorite.” And, I’ve created the Meaningful Work Blueprint for those who feel lost, undervalued or frustrated in their career but need some help finding a path and tools to make a lasting change.

According to Cerries Mooney, there are 8 primary archetypes and all you have to do is answer about 10 questions to discover which one fits you. Take the 3-minute quiz.

Four Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin

You may have heard of Gretchen Rubin as the author of The Happiness Project. What you might not know is that she’s been doing extensive research on the tendencies we have. Her quiz provides insight into how you handle expectations, and how that affects you and those around you.

My primary tendency is the Questioner. And does this ever get me in trouble at times. I’m constantly learning, wondering and questioning. Rules. Traditions. Instructions. They’re all subject to my poking and prodding.

Unfortunately, all this questioning means I have a tendency to take it too far on topics that I don’t realize may be sensitive or too personal for the other person. Because I’m so open about all of my experiences, I assume others have boundaries similar to mine.

Figure out your tendency so you can reach goals and achieve higher results by clicking here.