Recently, I faced a situation in my own business where I committed to developing a webinar on my strategic hiring process. (If you want to see it, you can get the replay here.)

I have been so on fire for sharing this process because I’ve seen it work time and time again in my own business and in my clients’ businesses. I knew I had to get these strategies to more people, and a webinar felt like the perfect medium to share.

Originally, I scheduled it for March 27, but a minor personal situation caused me to push it back. Secretly, I was slightly grateful to put it off, and even had an inkling of hope that another circumstance would allow me to delay it longer.

Honestly, I even considered canceling the whole thing at that point. I would’ve had the perfect excuse: “Something came up, and I need to take time to focus on this issue.” But I knew the topic was invaluable and important, so I set the new date for April 3—and all I wanted to do was run away.

What was wrong with me?! Everything I’ve experienced in the past four years… the past 10 years… the past 20 years has led me to working with bloggers and entrepreneurs on improving their businesses by developing and enhancing their teams.

Yet, the fear of failing or no one showing up or messing it up… It was all-consuming. I believe so fully in the content, but this new project of creating a webinar was big and scary. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone or waste their time.

Another thing: I am REALLY good at starting things and pivoting.

If wrenches are thrown or details need to shift, count me in. I am super creative and capable of handling change. But actually finishing is a whole different story. That isn’t my strongest suit.

I’m not kidding. If you saw the quantity of my knitting and quilting projects that are at 90 percent, you would be shocked. There are at least three little ones who outgrew the baby sweaters I made before I sewed on the buttons. My momentum in the get-going stage of projects is enormous, but it doesn’t always stick around.

When the self-doubt creeps in, my default is to get out of there, fast. I like to focus on the things I absolutely love to do. When it comes to new projects, I get so enthusiastic and energized about their potential, but then freak out by the idea that I may not execute them perfectly.

Throughout this angst, I was so grateful that I had listened to this episode of The Lead With Love podcast by Jadah Sellner last fall. I kept her “push, pause, pivot” method in mind to deal with my stress and overwhelm around this big question mark of completing my webinar.

So how did I get through? In hindsight, I found three things that really kept me going and set my eyes on the end goal. If you’re in the middle of an overwhelming transition or project, try focusing on these three tips.

1. I showed up every day.

When it got down to the last week before the webinar, I showed up to work on the slides and content every day. Even on the weekends, for at least a half hour in the morning, I’d open up the files and hope to get some content created.

Now, inspiration didn’t always hit, and sometimes my show-up sessions were fruitless. Okay, in total transparency, inspiration didn’t hit until two days before the webinar. But I continued showing up the week before in case it was the right time to make progress.

2. I stayed connected to my purpose for the project.

The WHOLE reason I came up with the idea for this webinar was because I wholeheartedly believe in my 5 steps for creating a ridiculously awesome team. I know that my unique approach allows business owners and bloggers to get better applicants with my job posting process, put the right people in the right roles with my organizational strategy and find the right candidates to achieve lasting business success.

I know because it’s tried and true; I’ve seen this process work again and again. I knew the content needed to be in the world and felt a responsibility to share it, quite honestly. I kept returning to this purpose when I felt insecure or unsure.

3. I continued to trust that it would come together.

You know, it isn’t easy putting yourself out there and trying something new. But I do know that showing up, putting in the work and trusting the process has allowed me to complete hundreds of successful projects throughout my career. Acknowledging insecurities and pushing forward despite them is what sets apart the doers from the dreamers.

And now, I honestly can’t wait to host this webinar again. But if you want to hear the content now, the replay is available here for the next week.